DEJA BLEND (The Most Perfect Blend)


The newest business franchise in the Philippines has finally arrived.

WBC Food Kiosk has conceptualized a 4-in-1 beverage cart, kiosk, and store and call it Dèjá Blend with its first word Dèjá (French) which means ‘already’, so when prospective market or buyers drop by the store it means Already Blended.

This is an on-the-go beverage that one can just grab and go. But in GenSan we gave it the people an experience of hang out place where they can dine, chill and spend time with friends and family.


The most popular beverages in the country are served namely, Frappuccinos, Milk Teas, Pearl Shakes, and recently we added the Lemonoids or our millennial tag for lemon squeezed.


The latest craze for health conscious, the lemon squeezed or as Dèjá Blend called ‘Lemonoids’. Our Activated Charcoal Lemonoids is a must try.

The business began two years ago prior to finalizing the perfect flavors for the perfect opportunity. The taste of each flavor is a concoction of local ingredients and some imported ones that make the Dèjá Blend a perfect blend.

After establishing three branches in Recto, Legarda and Taytay, the company decided to make a bolder step. In expanding the business, it sought one of the most promising young male celebrities in the local entertainment industry; and that is Tony Labrusca—to help boost its marketing and advertising initiatives.

Convincing Labrusca to be the face of this brand wasn’t too difficult since he, himself was also on the lookout for an investment. Apart from endorsing Dèjá Blend—the business serves as his first venture.

WBC Food Kiosk will be opening several stores in the coming months in mall and other areas that have high foot traffic. In General Santos, Dèjá Blend will be opening at the SM City Gensan and the first cafe style concept will be at the 2nd Floor Floro Building, Pendatum Ave. GenSan.

For interested parties, for franchising Dèjá Blend, contact +639562204450 or send an email to to schedule for a meeting.